How many senses are you using?

The technologies that fill our media-driven world are transforming conferences and the people who attend them. To stay ahead of the technology curve, we have alligned ourselves with affiliate partners that are experts in their field. These highly trained professionals are able to:

  • Provide almost any kind of audiovisual equipment you can imagine;
  • Integrate individual technologies into a smooth-running system;
  • Interpret technological jargon into concepts and terms you can actually understand;
  • Set up and install the equipment so that it is convenient, secure, out of your way, and safe.

Cappuccino and an e-mail to go

The idea is simple: network a bunch of computers, give them high-speed internet access, and offer participants the ability to surf the web, pick-up and send e-mail, and work with common office applications. Today, few conferences would be without at least one. We can plan, set up, and keep yours running smoothly. Latté, anyone?

Live, on tape, and in cyberspace

Participants today demand a lot more than folding chairs and hand written notes. Your conference may feature audio taping, videotaping, IMAG (image magnification on large screen), and streaming video. From computer classrooms to CD design and production, we make sure the technology is there and that it works.