Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Free Meeting Planning Services.

Are you sponsoring an event?

If you are scheduling a conference, symposium, group outing, event, or incentive program, it's fortunate you have located PJAdvisors, Inc. We specialize in locating the best hotels, resorts, conference centers, golf or spa retreats or convention centers that will meet your exact needs.

We will conduct a complete survey of all prospective properties, acquire information and submit in writing a complete breakdown of the pros and cons of each location. Our extensive experience affords us the knowledge to inform you of relevant factors such as hidden contractual costs, hotel mergers, site renovations and any other factors that might influence your selection and your function. We analyze all factors surrounding your meeting and negotiate the LOWEST room rates, plus MANY other extras far numerous to mention. Airline travel will be made through your travel agency or we can assist with other arrangements. Finally, calculated summations of savings are distributed for your review.

Why not cut your costs by reducing the time that valuable employees spend on researching this time-consuming endeavor. Once you've tried our services, we guarantee you will be sold on our team of professionals and endorse our ethical methods of conducting business in your behalf. Additionally, in most cases our services are cost-free to our clients as we receive a placement from the contracted vendors. Additionally, PJAdvisors, Inc. is a full-service conference and event planning firm and offers supplemental services for an additional fee. Our fees are structured in accordance with your budget and can vary from an hourly rate, a flat management fee or a percentage rate. We work with you to help determine the method that is beneficial to both parties.

Are you a meeting planner?

If you are a meeting planner, you also can benefit from the services of PJAdvisors, Inc.! We'll do half your work for you, allowing you to concentrate more fully on the many other tasks involved in planning an event. You are never "out of the loop" regarding your meeting. Just consider us your "personal assistant" looking out for your best interest and the interest of your company.

Looking for a top-notch travel agent?

We work closely with various outstanding travel agencies that excel in domestic and international travel. We have completed our homework in aligning ourselves with some of the “top notch” agencies that offer you excellent service and find the lowest fares whether you travel first class or economy. Contact us for their 800-number.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Free Meeting Planning Services

1. How can PJAdvisors, Inc. offer many of its services free of charge? What’s the catch?

Actually, there is no catch! PJAdvisors, Inc. works like most travel agents used to handle their business dealings. You didn’t pay a travel agent to help you make airline and rental car reservations, and you don’t pay PJAdvisors, Inc. to make hotel and meeting space arrangements. Travel agents got paid a commission by the airlines and rental car companies. Similarly, PJAdvisors, Inc. receives a commission from the hotels, resorts and conference centers. This commission does not increase your room rate or meeting space rates that you pay. In fact, all things considered, we guarantee you will pay less, plus realize a savings because of our powerful negotiating skills based on the volume of group business booked worldwide through our vendors.

2. Do I have to be a meeting planner to use your services or have some event planning experience?

Not at all! Although PJAdvisors, Inc. regularly works with meeting planners having all levels of experience, we also work with organizations that have little or no experience in meeting and event planning. Working with customers such as non-planners is how our business got started in 1986. We saw a need and fulfilled that need. We routinely provide written materials to our clients that explain the meeting planning process, and we help even the most experienced meeting planners accomplish their tasks more smoothly and efficiently.

3. For what size meetings do you offer your services?

We provide our services for any program that requires a minimum of ten (10) hotel rooms for at least one night. We handle meetings and events from small board meetings and incentive travel to large conferences with over 1,500 attendees. Our goal is to service our clients’ needs, whether they should have an annual meeting or simply a small board meeting. We are here to assist you in your efforts.

4. I’m an experienced meeting planner, quite capable of locating hotels and resorts that meet my organization’s needs. Why should I use your services?

There are three good reasons why experienced meeting planners should use the services of PJAdvisors, Inc.:

The first reason is TIME. As a professional meeting planner, you have many tasks to accomplish in a limited amount of time. We can assist you by taking on the burden of many areas of responsibility for you. Two of the biggest tasks, site selection and hotel contract negotiations, can be assisted by PJAdvisors, Inc. at no charge to you. As a specialist in these two particular areas, we utilize our close working relationships with all major hotel chains to expedite this process in a timely manner, allowing you to rest easy since you have delegated them to a dependable ally.

The second reason is KNOWLEDGE. Our many years in this business have allowed us to amass an extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry. We make it our business to research the inner workings at all locations and venues that may service your needs. We are constantly providing our clients with the latest information about hotel mergers and takeovers, site renovations, competing events, and any other factors that might influence their site selection decision. In 2003, hotels are beginning to restructure the ways they conduct business and keeping up with these changes is our job. To inform you and obtain the best possible contract for your event is our goal.

The third reason is MONEY. Think of how much business you book at a given hotel in a given year. Now, think of how much business we, who represent many meeting planners such as you, can potentially book at a given hotel in a given year. The relationship PJAdvisors, Inc. has established with the major hotel chains, together with the sheer volume of business we provide to hotels around the world each year, affords us the ability to provide better contracts for our clients! We’re not bragging when we say we routinely get meeting planners better rates and more perks than they themselves negotiate at hotels with whom they have had long-standing relationships – it’s just a fact!

5. You claim your services are easy to use. How easy?

Very easy! All it takes to start the process is either one simple phone call or complete the email form posted on our website. Once you let us know your needs as to (1) preferred geographical location(s); (2) specific or approximate dates of the event; (3) number of meeting rooms and guest rooms; (4) budget; and (5) any other special requirements, we spring into action. After conducting a very thorough search of potential sites, we provide you with complete information, including hotel sales packets on the sites that meet your needs. We then contact you to discuss the information we’ve sent, and answer any questions you may have. At this time, we would also inform you of any relevant factors that might influence your site selection decision. Throughout this process, and even after your final site selection decision is made, we continue to negotiate costs and perks.

6. How can you guarantee the lowest room rates and the most perks?

We represent many clients, including large corporations both domestically and internationally, and block a tremendous number of meeting and hotel rooms each year. As such, hotels and meeting venues are very eager to keep us happy. Consequently, we routinely obtain rates well below those quoted by hotels as “business rates”, and even below “negotiated rates” that organizations can obtain on their own.

7. Do you only represent a specific chain of hotels?

Not at all! PJAdvisors, Inc. is independent and unbiased in this industry, and represents only the interests of its clients. If one of our clients has a particular hotel in mind, we make sure it is on the list of potential sites we contact concerning that event. However, we also like to suggest other possibilities so that the client has a full range of choices. We are happy to work with all hotels and meeting venues, whether they are independent or part of a chain. We continue to work with any property that consistently provides high quality service to our clients while working within the parameters of your budget. We routinely follow up with clients after an event to assess their satisfaction of the chosen property. Again, the ultimate decision of which property is chosen is yours!

8. Do you have expertise in finding properties in countries other than the United States?

Yes! PJAdvisors, Inc. has experience in placing events worldwide. We are competent in researching even the most remote areas.

9. Can you work with our organization’s in-house meeting planning department?

Absolutely! We are here to save your company time and money. With a lot of companies downsizing their meeting departments, outsourcing is the answer to their problems.

10. Once I book a property through PJAdvisors, Inc. , will I be able to work directly with a hotel representative on the specific details of my meeting?

That is your decision. PJAdvisors, Inc. will only be involved as much as you, our client, dictates.

11. If I use your services, will I give up the opportunity to do site inspections?

Again, this is your decision. We can set up site-inspections for you, or we can perform them on your behalf, or jointly with you – whatever you, our client, prefer.

12. I’m in charge of finding locations for my organization’s incentive travel. Can you help me?

We’re highly motivated to help you with incentive travel! Given our extensive experience in booking incentive travel, both domestic and international, we are your best bet for finding the locations that will delight and satisfy those you wish to reward in this way. Whether it is a five (5) star resort, Golf & Spa Retreat, group Cruise or setting up a database whereby winners can purchase gift items, we are ready to design a special program to fit your needs. Incentives can become very time consuming and frustrating to keep organized, but PJAdvisors, Inc. can help support your efforts making you the winner in everyone’s eyes.

13. What other types of events could PJAdvisors, Inc. be of help?

You name it! Through the years, PJAdvisors, Inc. has helped individuals and organizations with board meetings, conferences, trade shows, retreats, training workshops, spa and cruise meetings, and gatherings of all types. As long as your event requires a minimum of ten hotel rooms on one or more nights, we can help you find the best locations, guarantee the lowest rates and the obtain the most perks for your group.

We hope this document goes a long way toward answering your questions and convincing you to give PJAdvisors, Inc. a try. We’re confident that once you’ve tried us and experienced how smoothly our services can make your meeting and event planning, you’ll come back again and again. We are always available to answer questions that may not have been answered here. Feel free to call (770/977-7991) us at anytime.